Web Development


Web Development

Your website is your most important sales tool. When somebody lands on your page, it tells them what you’re all about, what you can offer them, and why they need to come to you. Your site should always be pushing leads to the next step of your sales process. Investing in a good, well voiced website shows that you invest in your brand, and you care about your customer’s experience.


Modern Website

  • Discovery session
  • Market research
  • New informational website with a modern design (content extra)
  • Web hosting

Starts at $2000

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Traffic Tracking

  • Analytics installation and setup
  • Monthly analytics reports
  • Suggestions to improve traffic quantity and quality

Starts at $250/month

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Website Enhancement Suite

  • On site SEO
  • Website speed optimizations
  • Spam filtering
  • Security & DDOS protection
  • Live chat


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I am so impressed with my website created by 10 Second Creative. It is so beyond anything I could have made on my own. They completely understood my vision for my website and brought it to life. They have presented my artwork in a way that is so bold, clean, and professional. I am so grateful for their hard work.

Daniella FaveroBlaise Design, Owner