10 Second Creative

10 Second Creative

Better marketing. Better businesses. A Better Niagara.
Better marketing. Better businesses. A Better Niagara.
A Better Niagara.

Our Mission

As consumers that love supporting local businesses within the Niagara region, we feel a disconnect between ourselves and the brands we love, plus friction between ourselves and the brands we would. Our mission is to become the bridge for that gap by providing businesses with a modern digital strategy. Better marketing would allow for better communication, better connections, better businesses, and a better Niagara.

Our Approach
Measurable. Repeatable. ROI Driven.

Our Approach

Don’t worry about acquiring customers. We handle the acquisition, then we collect any data exhibiting bottlenecks within your business. Alongside data collection, experimentation allows us to try innovative strategies with consistent and predictable outcomes.

Knowing how to communicate with your customers is crucial. We know when to administer the right message at the right time, and which medium to use.

Running your business can be time-consuming, limiting you from learning about the ever-changing marketing landscape. As an agency with a passion for learning and growth, we love change. So focusing on the evolution of digital marketing is extremely exciting for us.

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Personalized For You.


Whether its content creation, social media management, web development or a paid traffic campaign, rather than providing each of these separately, we prefer to craft a package that is harmonious in catering to your exact wishes. To do this to the highest degree we’d prefer to sit down and help prescribe a package that is exactly what you need.

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